Career Test

Read Carefully before answering

Take Your Time

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Q1. If you have a Time Machine, you will travel to

Q2. What sound like the worst idea to you?

Q3.You feel happiest when you...

Q4. Your friends will be at your place in 30 minutes, your actions?

Q5.You just won unlimited access to your favorite ride. It will be?

Q6.Describe your ideal workout:

Q7. How much time to you spend on social media daily?

Q8. what is your social media behaviour?

Q9.Pick an image that matches your mood

Q10. You decide to paint the walls in your room for a change. It will be:

Q11. Time to fill that new empty wall. Will you go with:

Q12. You got a surprise bonus at work. How are you going to spend it?

Q13. Describe the perfect office space for you

Q14. What would you rather be:

Q15. Rewards yourself! You can pick one dessert!